Common Conditions That Dr. Paul Weinstein Treats

The following are some of the more common problems that I treat:


Neck Pain This is becoming increasingly more common as people use computers for long periods of time


Low Back Pain Frequently due to sports injuries, overexertion


Whiplash / auto injuries The impact stretches tissues and pinches nerves in the neck


Protruded (slipped) & Prolapsed (ruptured) Discs If low back injuries are  not taken care of, or if there is sudden, heavy lifting, the discs can be injured


Sports injuries can cause neck, back, shoulder and wrist problems


Migraine and Stress Headaches can be caused by misalignments and pinched nerves in the neck


Sciatica (leg pain) can be caused by a disc injury, or a pinched nerve in the lower back


Gastric reflux is not necessarily caused by too  much acid.  You need acid to digest your food!  Frequently, the valve that keeps the acid down is jammed open and can gently be eased back into place.


Worker's compensation & Auto Injuries are covered in Connecticut and New York


Foot problems such as flat feet, heel spurs and plantar fascitis can lead to postural and spinal problems.


And yes, I do treat children!  Many of the problems I treat in adults arose from untreated injuries in childhood.  You do not "grow out" them!


Weight Loss/Detoxification We utilize the NuLean Well Weight Loss Cleanse to rid the body of toxins and fat.

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