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Finally, relief after two years

I was suffering with severe neck and shoulder pain.  I had x-rays, CAT scans, physical therapy, and cortisone shots into both shoulders.  Nothing worked.  I was not able to exercise, swim or play my drums anymore. I saw Dr. Weinstein the beginning of June.  After only two visits, the pain was gone!  I was able to exercise, swim and play my drums again.  Thanks!! G.M.


Cured my back pain three years after my son was born

I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain for 3 years. I saw doctors, had x rays and cat scans taken, was prescribed pain killers and saw other chiropractors.  The pain had become unbearable.  At times it was very sharp. It was affecting my everyday life. I would fall asleep with the pain, wake up with the pain and take advil upon advil to try to ease the pain. At the end of my day, I was exhausted and had no energy left from fighting this pain and attending to my two young children.
My doctor suggested that maybe the next step for me would be surgery: not an option. So far no one had determined what the exact problem was.
This is how I came to see Dr Weinstein.  Needless to say I was a bit skeptical. On my first visit, Dr Weinstein took away 2/3 of my pain!  He patiently explained to me that this was a simple mechanical problem that could easily be fixed within a few weeks.
Well, we are now at week 5 and I can say that my back pain has COMPLETELY disappeared.
I can't believe what a difference he has made. I feel like a new person
Thank You Dr. Weinstein!!!! ST 


 Dr. Weinstein treats my entire family

     I was sent to Dr. Weinstein by a colleague. My back was so painful I could hardly walk. Within 3 treatments I was walking, bathing and doing housework. I have been Dr. Weinstein’s patient ever since.
     Just recently I had Dr. Weinstein look at my wrist. I had lost my fine motor movement and it began to interfere with my finding work.  To my amazement, I am on the mend.  Dr. Weinstein tried a topical treatment. Combined with hard massage and other strengthening and manipulative therapies.
     In addition, when I showed my husband what Dr. Weinstein used and what he did, HE used in on a gastrocnemius injury and went back to running in less than 48 hours!
     Over the past 4 years, Dr. Weinstein has helped my daughter recover from a car accident, and my son deal with the effects of Cerebral Palsy.
     Dr. Weinstein is a brilliant physician and diagnostician. He will be treating my family for a long time to come. L.V.